Our Services

Running a business is fun, except when it takes over your garage, living room and spare bedroom.
We help you get your space and time back with affordable warehousing and delivery services.


Order Fulfilment​

We pick and pack orders as they come in from your sales channels.



We manage deliveries local, interstate and internationally with the best rates.


Value Add

Kitting, packaging, flyer inserts… anything needs doing we can help.


Return Processing

Sometimes orders need to be returned. We handle the whole return process for you.

How it works

StoreFAST is the perfect partner for your storage, picking, packaging and delivery requirements.

We’ll work with you to learn all about your business and to ensure that every order goes out and is packed with the same care as if you did it yourself.

We receive stock to our warehouse.

Receive orders.


Pick pack and dispatch.


Connect to your webstore.

Our model is different

We are not your standard big box, cookie cutter solution. Our aim is to streamline your order fulfilment process, making your customers more happy.

We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you need when it comes to your pick pack. We can replicate your existing system or develop a new streamlined approach to cut the hassles.

StoreFAST are experienced logistics solutions providers. But more importantly we are dedicated to providing reliable and personal services to growing businesses.

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