Simple guide on outsourcing pick pack

How does it actually work for your ecommerce store

Outsourcing is all about time.

Paying someone else to do things for you, so you can focus on things you enjoy.

When you are selling products online, a lot of work goes into branding, product creation, packaging, marketing.. and then a sale is made. You have to pick, pack and ship the order to your customer.

We often hear from ecommerce owners that the physical side of their business creates a time drag on them. If its really busy, they are often packing boxes into the night to get the orders out on time. Or if it is a slow day, still making time to pack and ship a few. This all takes away time from doing things you would rather be doing.

Storage and warehouse address.

The outsourced site is your new home to receive goods from your suppliers and store your inventory. 

Stock is stored on pallets or in shelving by product code, colour, size – whatever your business needs. The inventory is visible online – via our warehousing system. So you can check what’s in stock and what products need to be re-ordered.

Receiving and purchase orders

When your stock reaches our warehouse, it is processed using a warehousing system. Ready Warehouse uses a cloud-based system that updates in real time. Whatever we do is automatically uploaded and viewable online.  

If your products have a barcode, we scan them in. if not, we can create a barcode for you and apply to your goods. The items are then checked into a designated location in the warehouse, enabling us to know where an item is at all times.  

With this system, we keep an accurate count of stock numbers and products received. Reports are automatically generated and are easy to download in spreadsheet format.     

Picking customer orders

Selling on market places or your own shopify store? No problems! Our warehouse system connects in to your cart and as customer orders come in, they are received by us.  We pick, pack and ship them out. Our team is experienced and dedicated to getting your orders out as if you packed them yourself. 

Once an order is processed, we push the update in inventory, order status and tracking number to your system. This way, you have clear visibility on our activities and  know what has been ordered and dispatched.  

Shipping to customers.

Once orders have been picked, we generate the shipping labels. Depending on your needs, we package products in a variety of ways. This can include letters, boxes, satchels, or packaging specific to the company whose products are being shipped out. We work with all the main couriers, such as Australia Post, Fastway, Couriers Please, Toll. 

When all orders have been picked and are ready to be shipped, we provide the relevant courier with a manifest of the items to be sent out. We once again update our systems to show that the day’s orders have been processed.  

Pricing and charges

Outsourcing converts you business to a variable cost. You pay for services as you need them. No need to worry about having labour sitting around. Our pricing model is simple and aligns to your business needs. No hidden costs or surprises. 

There are three buckets of charges: Storage related to the costs for the space required to hold your products 

Handling charges are for moving products in and out of the warehouse. Shipping charges are for sending orders to customers.   

Now is the time to look into outsourcing. Ready Warehouse is here to help! 

Contact us to discuss how outsourcing can save you time.

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